Our Brands

Our Brands

Redefining the industry

JBS Great Southern and our region’s farmers are not just changing the way we connect. We’re redefining the sourcing, expectations and experiences of meat eating itself. Connect with us today. It’s a better way.

  • Great Southern

    Great Southern

    The Great Southern brand is more than a label, it’s a promise.

    When you buy Great Southern beef and lamb you know it has been sourced from accredited farmers and that the very highest standards of animal welfare and processing have been maintained to achieve an exceptional product.

  • Great Southern Pinnacle

    Great Southern Pinnacle

    The ultimate in grass fed beef with just the right amount of marbling, Pinnacle beef is raised the way Mother Nature intended – free of added hormones, raised without antibiotics or GMO’s and 100% grass fed for life.

    Produced from the finest quality British and European breeds of cattle sourced from the lush and fertile pastures of southern Australia, Pinnacle delivers a rich, full flavor and tenderness.

  • Little Joe

    Little Joe

    Little Joe is the global epitome of grassfed beef. It is exclusive in supply and boasts a luxurious eating experience, perfectly suited to the most discerning chefs and niche retailers where only the very best beef is expected.

    The Little Joe promise is to deliver an all-natural grass fed beef product that offers a minimum marble score of four (AusMeat standard). A feat near impossible to replicate.

  • King Island Beef

    King Island Beef

    King Island Beef is one of the most unique and flavoursome beef brands available from anywhere in the world. Beef produced under the King Island brand is sourced from livestock that are exclusively from King Island, where they graze freely on nutrient rich pastures and native grasses.

    King Island Beef promises consumers an award winning, tender, flavoursome and succulent dining experience that is backed by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system.

  • Hereford Boss

    Hereford Boss

    Renowned for its superb eating quality, Hereford Boss is an innovative partnership between producer and consumer.

    Sourced from southern Australia’s rolling hills, lush pastures and fresh air, the 100% grass fed and all natural Hereford Boss stands out from the competition.