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We’re passionate about delivering the delicious beef and lamb everyone deserves – cuts that are tastier, juicier, and more tender.

Our grass fed program is all about saying “no” to shortcuts like added hormones, GMOs and antibiotics. This promise is underpinned by the JBS Farm Assurance program which has been independently certified by a third party who is accredited to the ISO 17065, the world standard for farm assurance.

Our unique multi-species program offers a variety of brands which we can produce as retail ready value added products, whole primals or full sets. This range, along with the assurance of our program guarantees you the product you are looking for.

Raising claims you can rely on

All Great Southern™ brands promise to be:

Grass fed

All Great Southern™ beef and lamb is guaranteed to be 100% grass fed and grass finished. All livestock have access to a natural and nutritious diet adequate to maintain the highest level of health.

Grass fed

Free range

Our livestock roam free on acres of lush southern Australian grasslands. This stress-free environment is perfect for fostering growth naturally, resulting in happy livestock and super tender beef and lamb.


Raised with no added hormones

Our animals are raised and fattened naturally. They are free from synthetic and natural growth hormones.

no added hormones

Antibiotic free

We are committed to raising livestock without antibiotics. If medical treatment is needed and antibiotics are given, that animal is no longer eligible to wear the Great Southern™ brand as all of our products are antibiotic free.


GMO free

Great Southern™ livestock are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Any plant products that have their DNA artificially altered are prohibited from our pastures.

fields and cattle

Farm assured

Every claim made against our family of brands is independently certified. Producers must be compliant with regulations and specifications to maintain brand integrity.

Read more about JBS Farm Assurance

JBS Farm Assurance Independently Third Party Certified
JBS Farm Assurance

MSA graded (Meat Standards Australia)

All beef and lamb under our Great Southern™ brands has met Meat Standards Australia (MSA) requirements for guaranteed eating quality. MSA is the world’s leading eating quality grading program for beef and sheepmeat.

Food safety in plant

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited