Great Southern™ lamb

Great Southern™ lamb is naturally raised in some of Australia’s most prestigious farmland. Sourced from southern NSW down through Victoria to mainland Tasmania, across to South Australia, our lambs enjoy the luxury of a cool climate and lush natural pastures.

The result is a flavour and finish that puts Great Southern™ lamb in a league of its own. Under the guidelines of the JBS Farm Assurance program, our lamb is sourced exclusively from meat sheep breeds, no Merino, guaranteeing consistently higher eating quality.

MSA graded, Great Southern™ lamb is the optimal choice for customers looking for an ethically sourced and quality guaranteed grass fed lamb.

Brand Specifications

  • Grass fed for life ✓
  • MSA graded ✓
  • Antibiotic free ✓
  • No added hormones ✓
  • GMO free ✓
  • JBS Farm Assured ✓
  • AusMeat cipher L
  • Carcase weight (kg): 18-28
  • Breed: Meat breeds only, No Merino
Great Southern lamb

Great Southern™ lamb shoulder has been one of our signature dishes since we opened in 2017. The quality keeps people coming back and the consistency means I know exactly what we’re getting with each order.

Francesco Mannelli, Restaurant Head Chef – Mode Restaurant, Four Seasons Sydney, Australia

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited