Great Southern™ beef

Great Southern™ beef is sourced from the highest quality livestock breeds, including Angus and Hereford, which thrive in a lush environment and deliver tender, juicy and full flavoured beef.

What makes the difference is that our cattle have been raised on a pure grass fed diet, free to roam and never administered antibiotics, with no added hormones and no feed that has been genetically modified. Superior genetic selection and strict farming practices contributes to this high quality beef.

Great Southern™ beef is the perfect choice for customers looking for quality, consistency and scale from a grass fed beef brand that has been independently certified by a third party who is accredited to the ISO 17065.

Brand Specifications

  • Grass fed for life ✓
  • MSA graded ✓
  • Marble score 0+
  • Antibiotic free ✓
  • No added hormones ✓
  • GMO free ✓
  • JBS Farm Assured ✓
  • AusMeat cipher: YP (Young Prime)
  • Carcase weight (kg): 300-320
  • Breed: British and European breeds only, no bos indicus, no dairy
Great Southern beef

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited