Why Great Southern™

Today’s beef and lamb consumers expect more than high quality and great taste. They also demand more guarantees around the farming of their meat.

Great Southern™ was born through understanding these evolving demands, putting the utmost level of care into the farming of our livestock and our production process.

Grass fed benefits

As a result of their grass fed diet, all Great Southern™ beef and lamb is high in protein, zinc and omega 3s. These are some of the most important nutrients that our bodies need to maintain strength, energy and growth and are an important part of a balanced diet.

MSA graded

All beef and lamb under our Great Southern™ platform has met Meat Standards Australia (MSA) requirements for guaranteed eating quality. This eating quality grading system has been developed by long-term industry research and bolstered by consumer taste panels. It’s recognised as the world’s leading eating quality guarantee for beef and lamb.

MSA accredited graders measure a number of attributes that are proven to impact the eating quality of meat, including:

  • the maturity of the animal
  • fat coverage
  • eye muscle area
  • marbling
  • ultimate pH levels.
More protein with less calories
More protein with less calories

Halal Certified

We have the facilities and accreditation to offer Halal Certification for all Great Southern™ beef and lamb products. In order for our beef and lamb to be halal (or ‘lawful’), all aspects of our production process must meet stringent requirements. Our commitment to animal welfare, strict hygiene, quality assurance and traceability means you can rest assured the right steps have been taken to achieve this certification.

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited