Little Joe™

Quite simply, the most exclusive and luxurious grass fed beef worldwide. Little Joe™ is our most premium grass fed product offering with a marble score of 4+.

So exceptional is this beef – representing a single figure percentage of our production – we simply can’t accommodate demand. Consequently, Little Joe™ is reserved for only the most discerning customers who truly value something exclusive and unique.

Little Joe™ is naturally raised by our accredited farmers and guaranteed to be independently 3rd party audited to ensure our livestock meet our stringent raising claims.

Brand Specifications

  • Grass fed for life ✓
  • MSA graded ✓
  • Marble score 4+
  • Antibiotic free ✓
  • No added hormones ✓
  • GMO free ✓
  • JBS Farm Assured ✓
  • AusMeat cipher: YP (Young Prime)
  • Carcase weight (kg): 320-350
  • Breed: British and European breeds only, no bos indicus, no dairy
Little Joe

The superior quality of both Great Southern™ Pinnacle and Little Joe grass fed beef products have single handedly changed Woodward Meats' customers perception of grass fed beef. With impressive marbling, consistent quality of product, and superior flavour, we're proud to carry Australian Great Southern™ products on our menu.

Brian Woodward, Owner Woodward Meats; Toronto, Canada

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited