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Greatness comes naturally

At Great Southern™ we are passionate about producing a superior, Australian grass fed beef and lamb product. It starts by ensuring that our commitment to a quality product, ethical practices and sustainable systems are carried out from the farm across the entire supply chain, each and every time.

With reliable year round rainfall and fertile soils, our pastures in southern Australia are flawless environments for growing lush grass full of nutrients and perfect for growing the finest cattle and lamb.

All Great Southern™ products are grass fed for life, free range, free from added hormones, never treated with antibiotics or exposed to GMOs. Our claims are all independently certified by a third party who is accredited to the Assure Quality, the world standard for farm assurance. This guarantees that our products are always what we say they are.

Welcome to Great Southern™ Beef and Lamb. Australian by nature.

Meat shot

Eating quality guaranteed

With all Great Southern™ beef and lamb being MSA Graded, you can trust our products are tender, juicy and of a high eating quality.

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JBS Farm Assurance Independently Third Party Certified

Raising claims you can rely on

Underpinned by the JBS Farm Assurance program, – our claims are all independently certified by a third party who is accredited to the ISO 17065, the world standard for farm assurance so you can be assured that our products are grass fed, free range, free from hormones, GMOs and never administered antibiotics.

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Consistent product

Consistent product

With tight specifications and requirements across our Great Southern™ brands and great precision at our processing plants, you can be confident that you will receive a consistent beef and lamb product every time.

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Great Southern beef

Variety of brands

Whether you are looking for the superb 4+ marble score of Little Joe™, the consistent availability of Great Southern™ beef and lamb or the provenance story of King Island Beef™ – there is a brand to suit any need.

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Staff member in plant

Australia's premium food safety standards

Strict personal hygiene, clean animals, hygienic dressing and work practices, maintenance of the cold chain, proper handling and animal welfare are always guaranteed, providing extended shelf life and peace of mind.

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Cattle eating grass

Year long supply for reliability & scale

With thousands of farmers across southern Australia, we are able to guarantee supply all year round. We have the scalability to suit any size of operation which means you can see when adding our products on a wide variety of menus and shelves around the world.

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JBS producers

Access to the JBS network

Our industry-leading processing, sales, marketing and logistics staff, and global reach, means there is always a locally based team member available.

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