Processing facilities

JBS Australia facilities that produce Great Southern™ beef and lamb brands are spread across four states of Australia, setting up a level of year round supply like no other grass fed program in Australia.

These state of the art facilities incorporate industry leading innovative technologies to deliver exacting product specification, traceability, extended shelf life and the highest levels of animal welfare, people and food safety.

Value added capability

JBS Southern Value Add is a vertically integrated, retail ready meat operation with a manufacturing facility in Melbourne (Victoria). This facility has multiple processing capabilities for beef and lamb, specialises in case ready processing and new product development and enjoys extensive export market access.

JBS Staff

Food safety

JBS Australia products are widely recognised for their extended shelf life. Great Southern™ beef is validated for up to 140 days chilled, and Great Southern™ Pinnacle Lamb for up to 90 days chilled giving both domestic and international customers peace of mind.

Strict personal hygiene, clean animals, hygienic dressing and work practices, maintenance of the cold chain, proper handling and animal welfare are of the utmost importance.

Staff member in plant

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited