Meet Lindy

Lindy Eastley runs a beef and lamb operation across 809 hectares in Deloraine, Tasmania. She’s one of 949 other Great Southern™ producers in this high-yielding region.

As a second-generation producer, Lindy works alongside her family who share in her passion for the Great Southern™ program and its natural approach to raising livestock.

Like all Great Southern™ farmers, Lindy believes in grass feeding her lambs and cattle and giving them plenty of room to move and grow. No animal on her farm has been given a growth hormone or administered antibiotics to drive growth – its all been done the natural way.

High standards like these make Lindy a consistently great farmer, one that supplies Great Southern™ with exceptional livestock. Lindy says that she always feels supported by our southern brand and that our partnership means she always has a consistent supplier to sell to.

The Farm Assurance program keeps her on top of her game and rewards her dedication for improving her farming practices, securing the continued success of her operation.

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    © 2024 JBS Australia PTY Limited