Our Difference

At Great Southern we remain true to the spirit of the small family business we grew from. We respect our animals, the natural resources that we depend upon and each other. It’s a commitment that makes all the difference.

It’s about traceability. It’s about quality. It’s about a new attitude and a new sense of loyalty.

The consistency of Great Southern products is controlled through the whole supply chain.

It starts with natural farming practices and humane raising standards as set out in the JBS Farm Assurance Program.
In addition, meat quality is controlled through the use of JBS processing control systems and grading standards such as MSA.

The ultimate result is more animals leading a natural life in a stress-free environment, without the use of added growth hormones or unnecessary use of antibiotics – Something we can all be proud of.

Our Farms

Enveloped by The Great Dividing Range, refreshed by the pure, clean air and nourished with the Great Southern Ocean’s high rainfall – livestock enjoy some of the world’s best living conditions.
This is the perfect environment to raise the finest British and European breeds of cattle. It complements the opportunity to produce prime lambs like no other. These breeds are renowned for their superior genetics.

Every farmer has been handpicked for their strong focus on genetics, continuous improvement in meat quality and growing animals the right way – without taking shortcuts.

Covering an area larger than most European countries, the year-round lush, fertile pastures produce the vital ingredient for large scale grazing success.

Naturally raised livestock are sourced from some of Australia’s most prized growing areas. These extend as far and wide as Gippsland, South Western Victoria, Tasmania, King Island, Flinders Island, Southern New South Wales and South Australia.